Research and Development

In-house development and production

Since 2012 Krinner Drucklufttechnik GmbH has been involved in the development and production of systems and technologies for preparing breathing air for scuba divers and compressed air for breathing apparatus for fire departments. Three of our developments have already been registered for international patents.


On 24 August 2017, we were granted a patent for oxygen enrichment of breathing air – patent DE 10 2012 104 776. These patented and TÜV-certified NITROX membrane systems are currently made in Germany only by Krinner Drucklufttechnik GmbH. Patents for additional developments of this technology for other applications have already been registered.

Official file number of the DPMA:

DE 10 2012 104 776 (patent granted)
Device for oxygen enrichment of breathing air

DE 10 2014 108 874 A1 (patent application in the examination procedure)
Air treatment method and apparatus

DE 10 2016 106 225 (patent application in the examination procedure)
Air treatment method and apparatus for CO2 reduction

Registered trademarks and design protection

Nitrox Trademarks


30 2012 022 390

Trademarks Nitrox 32%


30 2015 010 918

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30 2015 040 591

Nitrox Geschmacksmuster Design protection

Design protection

Geschmacksmuster Nr.: 002140228-0001

NITROX membrane systems

Custom-built and TÜV-certified – KrinnAir NITROX systems


Professional scuba diving with high-quality breathing air

KrinnAir Technology consists of systems for NITROX production and CO2 reduction in breathing air pursuant to DIN EN 12021.

The novel, eco-friendly membrane technology from Krinner was developed for professional and frequent scuba divers, operators of off-shore platforms, yacht owners and many other clients from the underwater industry. The high-tech KrinnAir NITROX systems amaze customers with their incredible level of quality and innovative operation.

The reliable guarantee of constantly high-quality compressed air for the generation of breathing air makes NITROX membrane systems by Krinner a worthwhile investment. Our NITROX membrane systems are sturdy, suitable for use in tropical environments, easy-to-use and can be tuned and brought into operation on-location. “Made in Germany”, this technology for compressed air generation with patented membrane technology has been certified multiple times, including with the international quality standards  TÜV CERT ISO 9001 and TÜV CERT CE 0408.

The range of KrinnAir products is especially attractive for ambitious scuba divers. The powerful filling capacity of 150 to 900 litres of NITROX per minute and the ability to freely adjust the oxygen level up to 40% allows for longer dives with reduced decompression times thanks to the NITROX breathing gas mix. Trust KrinnAir NITROX systems – for safe and healthy scuba diving.

Krinner Nitrox In-house development and production
Krinner Nitrox In-house development and production