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Eco-Friendly Condensate Treatment for your NITROX System

Compressed air condensate frequently consists of 99% water and 1% oil. On-site oil condensate treatment with oil-water separation systems is the latest technology in our NITROX systems.

In condensate treatment, the oily condensate first passes into the pressure-relief chamber under residual pressure. KrinnAir NITROX systems feature integrated additional inlets for low and high-pressure compressors. In the relief chamber, remaining overpressure is reduced. Oil and particles are separated and suspended in the separation container. In the separation container, the oil settles on the surface as a result of gravity separation and is directed into the overflow-proof oil collecting container. The pre-cleaned condensate now flows through the pre-filter with its large active filter area. Flowing outwards, the filter binds the remaining oil droplets and also absorbs residual floating oil in the filter container. At the heart of this condensate treatment system is the activated carbon main filter that reliably retains the last of the oil. What remains is water so clean that it can be drained directly into the sewage system.

Plus, KrinnAir oil-water separators for condensate treatment do not incur any energy costs and have a long service life, resulting in very little waste when filters are disposed of.

Advantages of fully-integrated condensate treatment in your NITROX system:

  • Environmentally-friendly, reliable and convenient condensate treatment of oily compressor condensate into potable water
  • No need to frequently empty the condensate tank
  • Connection for low and high-pressure compressor included
  • Drain the condensate comfortably with the help of a convenient hose connection
  • Testing and documentation of water quality is possible at any time


An economical solution for environmentally-friendly condensate management is the main focus of all compressor condensate treatments using long-lasting oil-water separation systems.
Nitrox Condensate Treatment
Condensate Treatment

Nitrox Condensate Treatment

Condensate Treatment