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Krinner Nitrox Services

Special Systems – Complete Breathing Air Systems

We are proud to offer complete systems. That means you give us a challenge and we will deliver the breathing air system you need, construct it, assemble it and get it running on-site. We will also be happy to take over maintenance work if required.

Krinner Drucklufttechnik GmbH specialises in compressor and breathing air systems and technology for customers in the scuba diving industry. We develop and execute complex compressor systems in Germany and abroad, and work closely with well-known compressor manufacturers. For all other manufacturing processes in the construction of these systems, we rely on specialist companies nearby. We work with long-standing, reliable suppliers of both steel and stainless steel in the production of scuba tanks and compressor systems.

Our systems can be finalised directly at the customer’s site, or the systems can be manufactured and approved at our location.



Special systems for compressors and breathing air technology

Here are just a few examples of some special systems we have already completed. Our expertise and professional execution of your project will convince you as well.


Nitrox Special Systems
Nitrox Special Systems
Nitrox Special Systems
Nitrox Special Systems