Nitrox membrane plants made in Germany

KrinnAir Oxygen Membrane System for NITROX Generation

The fully automated, completely wired and encased NITROX Compact System uses a special operating method that was not technically possible in the past. The combination of compressed air heater with corresponding control and pre-drying with a refrigeration dryer offers, on one hand, extremely reliable drying of compressed air; and on the other hand proper adjustment of operating points for the oxygen membrane in regards to pressure and temperature.

Professional breathing air generation with the KrinnAir NITROX system

Compressed air is filtered through four high-performance filters. Oversized filter surfaces and an active carbon filter with active carbon filling and integrated particle filter create conditions that support a service life of up to 500 operating hours. The filters are validated and certified according to quality standard ISO 12.500-1:2007.

This KrinnAir NITROX system gives you nearly total independence from ambient conditions such as temperature and humidity. Plus, a defined state of the compressed air entering the membrane can be ensured, even in heavily fluctuating environmental conditions. This results in both an increase in the overall efficiency of the equipment with regards to NITROX concentration, and an increased life of the system.

NITROX Membrane Systems made in Germany by the experts

A new control allows the avoidance of pressurising and depressurising operations and compressed air fluctuations of the connected screw compressors. This increases the life of the screw compressor and greatly reduces wear and tear. No additional compressed air tank is needed. Furthermore, this novel design enables you to generate the guaranteed compressed air quality according to ISO 8573-1 1.4.1. for reliable operation of the membrane system. Operating conditions with regard to the quality of breathing air, temperature and pressure at the inlet to the membrane are adjusted precisely and independently of ambient conditions.

Nitrox Membran System


21% - 40%21% - 40%21% - 40%
Volume delivered200 – 320 litre/min300 – 450 litre/min450 – 600 litre/min
Operating pressure7 – 10 bar7 – 10 bar7 – 10 bar
Electrical connection230V/50Hz230V/50Hz230V/50Hz
Power consumption0,9 KW0,9 KW0,9 KW
Dimensions (D/W/H) in mm830 / 650 / 1255830 / 650 / 1255830 / 650 / 1255
Weight145 kg Sport Line / 170 kg Premium Line

We can provide additional models, sizes and options for your membrane system needs upon request.

Nitrox Membrananlage

Model Premium Line

Model Sport Line / Blue Line

Model Sport Line / Blue Line