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Krinner Nitrox Videos

Krinner Drucklufttechnik & KrinnAir NITROX

Our film for anyone who wants to get a better picture of what we do. KrinnAir NITROX powered by Krinner Drucklufttechnik.

NITROX CO2 reduction – meet DIN EN 12021

CO2 reduction with a membrane system is a worldwide registered system by KrinnAir NITROX – simple, safe, functional and effective.

NITROX Membrane Compact System at the 2013 InterDive trade fair in Friedrichshafen

Krinner Drucklufttechnik, Bauer Compressors and HubSys Airtec shared the newest compressors and NITROX technology at the 2013 InterDive trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany. One highlight was the unveiling and presentation of the new “Basic Line” membrane system available in 3 performance classes and at an attractive entry-level price.

500-hour endurance test NITROX N40%

Consistent development and optimisation of our NITROX membrane system allows us to offer our customised system capable of delivering over 600 litres/min at N40%. A 500-hour endurance test confirmed the demanding requirements at maximum operating conditions in our test facility. We look forward to delivering your system, and to facing the next new challenge.

NITROX Membrane Compact System, a world first at the Boot 2013 trade fair

This powerful membrane system with a filling capacity of 300 to 900 litres of NITROX per minute can be set for 21 to 40% oxygen. Compatible with all low-pressure and NITROX high-pressure compressors.
Ideal as a replacement or retrofit for existing systems.

Top-quality KrinnAir NITROX

The best-quality KrinnAir NITROX enriched air is now available at Tropical Divers on Bonaire! The most cutting-edge KrinnAir NITROX station was put into operation in December 2012.