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The production of KrinnAir NITROX systems with the best quality industrial components and in compliance with the highest industry standards ensures that your compressor station can be operated smoothly and without a great deal of service and maintenance. KrinnAir NITROX systems are known for their minimal wear and long service life. Nevertheless, replacement parts and wear parts are required from time to time to make sure your KrinnAir NITROX system can perform at its best around the clock and without any loss of quality.

Krinner Nitrox Service

Service packages for your KrinnAir NITROX system: service customised just for you

Krinner Drucklufttechnik service packages include the materials you need for your compressor station. Plus, all spare parts and wear parts are always in stock at the factory in Germany and immediately available to be shipped. This means Krinner Drucklufttechnik ensures the virtually non-stop operation of your NITROX system. When setting up and commissioning your compressed air system, you will receive comprehensive training so you can carry out on-site maintenance independently. If you would like to have this work carried out by a trained specialist, we rely on a large network with service support points around the globe – a professional service partner is always close by to perform expert maintenance on your KrinnAir NITROX system.

Krinner Drucklufttechnik services for your NITROX system

We are the perfect supplier of breathing air systems and for all questions relating to NITROX enriched breathing air. You will receive professional consultation from us on our entire range of breathing air technology. From design, calculation of energy-saving potential, maintenance and repair work, through to the installation of complete breathing air and compressor stations – we offer individualised services to perfectly meet your needs.

  • Planning of and consultation for NITROX systems
  • Assembly and installation of dive stations and compressor stations
  • Maintenance and repair of membrane systems and compressors
  • Large warehouse for machines, replacement parts and membranes
Nitrox service package