Nitrox CO2 Awareness Campaign

NITROX – CO2 Awareness Campaign

How much oxygen and how much CO2 is in YOUR NITROX diving tank?
Is the 500 ppm maximum limit observed?

Generally divers are asked to check their tank before their dive. For the most part, this check is limited to the NITROX (oxygen) content. As a rule, this is 32% for recreational divers. But what about the CO2 content in your NITROX?

Have you ever asked or checked? No? Then now’s the time!

Next time, ask your dive centre for the CO2 content of YOUR dive tank.

A general problem in NITROX membrane systems

As you probably already know, the air around us contains a certain amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and this amount has been rising for some time. Carbon dioxide is one of a diver’s “archenemies”, especially when it appears under increased partial pressure. Unfortunately NITROX membrane systems enrich not only the oxygen, but also the harmful carbon dioxide. As experience shows, the CO2 content of a conventional NITROX membrane system far exceeds the limit of 500 ppm. Even values between 1000 ppm and 2000 ppm are not uncommon. This limit is specified in DIN EN 12021.

Nitrox Aktion Aufklärung

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