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Nitrox membrane plants made in Germany

KrinnAir Rotary-Screw Compressors – the Perfect Preliminary Stage to our NITROX Systems

KrinnAir DMD series screw compressors come with an integrated microprocessor control for the control of NITROX systems as standard. These compressors combine the easiest operation with superb performance. All settings can be made conveniently via a control panel. Various settings allow the screw compressor to be adjusted to perfectly meet a wide range of demands. The rotary-screw compressor’s integrated diagnostic system monitors all relevant operational parameters relating to safety and displays them in an easy-to-understand way. The pressure switch ensures precise operation of the compressor in the chosen pressure range.

Advantages of KrinnAir screw compressors:

  • Economical energy consumption and low noise production
  • User-friendly control
  • Highly reliable belt drive compliant with industry standards
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures of up to 45°C
  • Minimal energy costs, maximum air performance
  • Easy maintenance and long life


KrinnAir screw compressors win over customers with their excellent performance, flexibility and the highest possible productivity with the lowest operating costs. We are sure to have the perfect solution for your dive station. Designed to deliver peak performance even in the harshest environments, KrinnAir rotary-screw compressors allow you to operate without interruption and with the maximum level of efficiency.

With highly efficient compressor stages and state-of-the-art components, KrinnAir screw compressors can lower energy and maintenance costs over the compressor’s entire service life.

Model Operating pressure
in bar
Volume delivered
in litres/min
Electrical connection

Engine output
Sound level
in dB(A)
in mm
in kg
DMD-7,5 8 1100 400V/50Hz 7,5 70 890x690x890 214
DMD-11 8 1650 400V/50Hz 11,0 70 890x690x890 239
DMD-15 8 2500 400V/50Hz 15,0 72 940x790x1140 413

Looking for something specific for your dive station? We have additional models, sizes and options upon request.

KrinnAir screw compressors – the perfect preliminary stage for your NITROX system!

KrinnAir Rotary-Screw Compressors

KrinnAir Rotary-Screw Compressors