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Nitrox membrane plants made in Germany

KrinnAir Filling Ramps: Fill Up your Scuba Diving Tanks

KrinnAir filling ramps and panels are the perfect complement to conventional high-pressure compressors and filling stations. They allow you to quickly and efficiently fill scuba diving tanks and cylinders. Filling ramps are made to be assembled on a wall and thanks to modern remote-control capabilities, they can also be operated on other premises regardless of the location of the accompanying compressor system. Using simple, safe KrinnAir filling ramps guarantees efficient filling of breathing air tanks and scuba cylinders.

Our filling ramps can also be customised to meet the needs of your scuba tank filling station. We can even equip them with various numbers of filling connections and pressure ranges in PN 200 or PN 300 bar.

(Photo by: Leimke)



Nitrox Filling Ramps

Filling Ramps