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Nitrox membrane plants made in Germany

KrinnAir High-Pressure Compressors for NITROX with Maximum 40% Oxygen

Operators of high-pressure air compressors appreciate the reliability, user-friendliness and performance capabilities of KrinnAir compressors. Our rugged, high-power NITROX compressors win over customers with their low noise levels, high delivered volumes, low power requirements and low maintenance. The premium control of NITROX diving compressors ensures you will be able to constantly monitor the most essential parameters for your safety whilst filling scuba diving and storage tanks.


High-pressure air compressors made in Germany: Krinner

Compressor temperatures are monitored with sensors for increased safety. If the set maximum permissible temperature is exceeded, the system automatically switches off and vents the system. All relevant values such as the amounts of NITROX, CO and CO2, temperature, pressure dew point, cartridge saturation, operating hours, service intervals and oil change intervals are constantly monitored. Depending on the environment in which your high-pressure compressor operates, you can run your compressor system open or opt for a sound-insulating super-silent design. No matter what you choose, KrinnAir high-pressure air compressors boast a long service life, even in tropical areas. Powerful fans and an optimal cooling air flow ensure ideal cooling.


NITROX and breathing air high-pressure compressors are available in various classes and versions.

  • Delivered volume of 260 to 600 litres/min
  • Pressure from 200 to 330 bar
  • Tubular frame compressor housing, open and super-silent industrial housing available
  • Monitoring and control in the Basic or Premium version
  • We also design the number and type of filling connections based on your requirements.
NITROX high-pressure air compressor

NITROX high-pressure air compressor

We will be happy to help you find the perfect high-pressure compressor for your needs. Call us on +49 8102-99199-20 or send us an email to: info(at)