Krinner Nitrox References

November 2011:
"Modernization, optimization and expansion of the Nitrox fill station at the 'Tropical Inn Resort'

By expanding the existing 10-connection fill station panel with a 6-port stainless steel filling block, the filling times were significantly reduced.
The existing 6mm high-pressure hose and fittings were replaced with 8mm stainless steel fittings. All flow resistances and hose leaks were professionally fixed.

The expense of exchanging tanks continuously minimizes labor and increases the efficiency of the entire Nitrox system.

The first Nitrox system was installed on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, in the Dutch Antilles at the 'Tropical Inn Resort'.

Due to a strive for perfection, a competition facility was modified and further developed to the state-of-art by in-house development.

The Nitrox ratio could be increased from 32% to 36%.Due to the use of cutting-edge components in modern processing and temperature control it was possible to reduce the electric connecting cable from 35KW to 27KW.The reductions by 23% or 8KW at 1000 operating hours per year lead to a reduction of 8000kWh in the first year.

Nitroxfüllstation im "Tropical Inn Resort" Divers 1
Nitroxfüllstation im "Tropical Inn Resort" Divers 2