Krinner Nitrox References

May 2016:
Market Launch – CO2 Reducer Compact

After premiering at the “boot 2016” trade fair, testing began today. Just as during the initial development in 2015, the first CO2 values are far below DIN EN 12021 limits.

This CO2 reduction system undergoes rigorous testing with KrinnAir’s quality standard. Thanks to the cool weather at this time of year, ambient temperatures of 5°C-40°C are easily simulated. Performance ranges from 260-450 litres of NITROX/min. This range covers the requirements for amateur and professional divers’ standard systems. CO2 residual concentration for NITROX remains constant at between 28-40%.
Compliance with the strict CO2 limits listed in DIN EN 12021 is guaranteed.
After 500 hours of continuous operation, an additional 250 hours of start-stop operation is conducted to adjust for irregular filling operation. For this purpose, the system is operated with various start-stop intervals.

TÜV-certified premium quality, made in Germany for the health of all divers.

* Sales start on 1 May 2016 *

Verkaufsstart CO2 Reducer Compact 1
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