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September 2017:
CO2-free KrinnAir NITROX in New Caledonia

Hop on the Top.

We modernised an existing NITROX system in close cooperation with our partner S.T.I.M in New Caledonia. The additional CO2 adsorber was delivered as a space-saving package with a stainless steel construction, allowing the pre-assembled system to be conveniently and easily integrated on-site. By using a KrinnAir Premium membrane, we reduced the electrical connection cable from 35 KW to 27 KW. The savings of 23% and 8 KW at 1000 operating hours per year resulted in a saving of 8000 kWh of electricity in the first year! The CO2 content is practically in the “O range”. DIN EN 12021 limits for NITROX can easily be met.

NITROX system in New Caledonia
NITROX system in New Caledonia