Krinner Nitrox References

December 2013:
Lake Zürich Police

In December, we successfully completed a collaborative project with our partner HubSys Airtec GmbH. The challenging project was to plan, deliver, and install a customised, fully automatic, enriched air Nitrox system. With this system operation in extreme environmental conditions (from -15° C to +40° C) is possible through the use of additional components. We were able to achieve the desired Nitrox concentration range of 28% - 40% at a delivery output of 320 litre / min with a Bauer Vertikus V5 – OX. All machines were delivered with a TÜV certificate. A six-fold memory combination with automatic connection, as well as permanent observation of the Co, Co2, and H20 levels in the breathable air, ensures that the reservoir is ready to fill the scuba tanks and that the device is ready to be used.

We would like to thank the Lake Zürich Police for their confidence, and we wish them many successful and safe Nitrox dives.

2013 Lake Zurich Police 1
2013 Lake Zurich Police 2
2013 Lake Zurich Police 3
2013 Lake Zurich Police 4